Dance, Saron, Dance!

Dance, Saron, Dance! – 14 4 short stories by Ethiopian authors

Original edition published in 2013 at the Goethe Institute in Addis Abeba (ISBN: 978 99944 980-5-5). Copyright The Goethe Institute. (Amharic and German).

Published in a new layout and also translated into Tigrinya and Afaan Oromo in the Art of Buna 2017 edition. To be distributed free of charge to schools, libraries and orphanages in Ethiopia. First edition – 500 copies in Tigrinya / 500 copies in Amharic / 500 copies in Afaan Oromo.

Download eBook:

Dance, Saron, Dance! - Amharic ePUB (18,2 MB) PDF (3,5 MB)
Dance, Saron, Dance! - Tigrinya ePUB (18,2 MB) PDF (3,8 MB)
Dance, Saron, Dance! - Afaan Oromo ePUB (17,7 MB) PDF (3,8 MB)


The stories in this book came into being at a workshop for authors of Ethiopian children’s books which was held in autumn 2012 at the Goethe Institute in Addis Abeba, led by the German/Iranian author of children’s books Nasrin Siege.

14 stories for children in Amharic, as well as translations in Tigrinya and Afaan Oromo. With illustrations by Professor Getachew Yossef.